Bridle, 2017, graphite on paper, dimensions variable

Bridle is an ongoing series of appropriated archival wedding portraits from the 1920s. In an era where most couples got one go at their wedding photo (not comparable to today's nuptial social-media barrage), it is fascinating how they chose to represent themselves. 

Most of the people in the photos are stoic and stiffly posed. Many of the photos seem at first glance to be taken in the exact same room, with the bride holding the exact same monstrous bouquet. 

Some of the photos show the entire wedding party, all of the women ambiguously clad in white, so discerning who is the bride is difficult. 

I chose to take these highly staged and considered photos and consider and stage them one step further. In a riff on automatic drawing, I drafted out the entire photo, but only drew the first things my eye was drawn to, stopping when I felt my attention wander.

The result is my renegotiation of carefully negotiated snapshots of life.


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