Ioana Dragomir is an interdisciplinary artist born in Romania and currently living in Waterloo. She is a recent graduate of the University of Waterloo, Honours BA Fine Arts Studio Practice with a minor in Computer Science. Her practice and inclination toward the archive is strongly informed by her position working in libraries .

She is interested in the act of close reading, both of literature and personal experience. Referencing Jeanette Winterson’s writing on holes, she creates work that contains spaces into which a viewer may insert themselves. If writing is an act of reduction, reading and viewing can be acts of magnification. A reading of a text says as much about the interpreter as it does about the text itself. Reading thus becomes a self portrait, and a metaphor is a mirror in which the writer hopes each reader will see themselves.

How do we account for absence? We fill holes every time we read, but what happens when a text is mostly negative space? When do we become the authors of a work? 




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